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Professional car detailing services

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We are the premier choice for professional car detailing services within the Ottawa and Gatineau region. With over 13 years of experience ranging from BMW dealerships to private car collections, you can ensure you’re dealing with the professionals.

As our services differ from your local car wash, we are a low volume detailing center that caters specifically to our discerning clients.   We are Ottawa’s paint coating specialists. Visit our extensive Photo collection (Click here)

By Appointment Only

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Even though our auto detailing and wash services are by appointment only, we are really good at getting you in. The reason behind this is, we simply cannot determine how long a job can take. Each detailing session, is unique. We provide the best in car detailing services. We are the complete opposite from a high volume shop and personally cater to our client’s needs.

Professional Paint Polishing

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Are you in need of professional paint polishing or auto detailing in Ottawa, Gatineau or the surrounding areas? We’ve got you covered! Being a professional means we also carry the proper equipment to effectively and safely give you the results time after time again. Above is an example of a 30+ hour paint correction detailing package.

We Provide Mobile Detailing Services To The Following Areas

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If you are outside of our service zones, simply contact us to see what we can do. We can also service high end exotics in Montreal or Toronto on special requests.


Special Event Detailing – Luxury Car Detailing

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Here we are at the 2016 Tim Horton’s Brier
Would you like your car professionally hand washed? Are you sick of your car getting swirled, scratched, faded, used and abused by other detailers claiming to be the best or by using improper car detailing techniques? Have us detail your car. The professional hand car detailing and drying techniques that we offer at Waxed Detailing Services will leave your car swirl free, clean and looking amazing every time. Contact us for an appointment at [email protected]

Interior & Exterior Detailing

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Does your car need an in depth auto detailing? Would you like your car’s interior and exterior to look like showroom again? Maybe your car’s interior has stains or your looking to put another coat of wax on that prized car of yours. Whatever your situation, we can take care of you. Give Waxed Detailing Services a call. Professional car detailing.

Commercial Detailing Services

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Do you run a fleet of cars or trucks in the Ottawa or Gatineau region? Maybe you rent out cranes, steam rollers and tractors but you and your employees don’t have the time to spare to clean them yourselves. Get ahold of us for a custom bid on your fleet and commercial vehicles. Your Ottawa car detailing centre

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