Coating Questions

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What is SI02

Silicon Dioxide, extracted from sand is the chemical component that makes glass. When mixed to our secret formula, it creates a liquid chemical which when applied to the surface cross bonds and links together to form a compound roughly 2-3000 nanometers thick (2-3microns).  During the curing process these cross bonded particles form one solid sheet of semi flexible glass to protect the surface from water, acids, heat, UV, bacteria and even radiation.

Can Heat or Frost harm Cquartz after it has cured?

No, Cquartz is extremely resistant to both low and high temperatures.

What is the difference between CQUK and C.Quartz Finest?

The short answer is just about everything.  There are many differences between CQuartz and CQ Finest.  While both are glass coatings Finest offers greater gloss, dust and dirt resistance, more slickness, more resistance to water spots, and Finest is offered only through Approved Installers.

CQUK is harder, which offers a slightly better marr resistance for fine swirls, and better resistance against chemicals and the environment.

My car is a show car, is a coating really the best choice for me?

Yes, Definitely.  Cquartz Finest adds a tremendous amount of gloss and occasional top ups increase the gloss and maintain the show car standard

Can C.Quartz be applied over my paint protection film and vinyl wrap?

Yes! In fact it will even help protect it from yellowing, fine swirls, and dirt.

Will C.Quartz prevent stone chips?

No, no coating can prevent stone chips. For stone chips ask your CQuartz Installer about application of a ppf film after polishing and before application of CQuartz.

Does C.Quartz prevent swirls?

CQuartz does resist swirls from washing better than any other product on the market. No paint coating can prevent swirls 100%.

Will it help resist bird bombs and acid rain water etchings?

Yes, CQuartz does an excellent job of resisting both and they usually wash off easily without leaving a trace. We do recommend avoiding sprinkler systems as some locations can contain an incredibly high mineral content. Bird bombs should be removed as soon as possible as shown in our care tips if spotted. While bird poo can actually eat through wax in seconds and etch clear coat in minutes, CQuartz will stop it from reaching your paint. Most bird bombs will not even leave a mark on the CQuartz after being washed off.

Aftercare – Maintenance

How long until my car can get wet?

Your approved detailer will make sure the coating is fully dry and waterproof before hand over, you can drive straight into the rain after picking up your vehicle from the detailer.

How long should I wait before washing my car?

You should wait a minimum of 7 days before washing with soap or using any cleaners, however, bugs or bird bombs can be removed ASAP with the use of a quick detailer waterless wash such as optimum no rinse(ONR).

Using a damp or wet microfibre cloth, spray a generous amount of detailer spray or waterless wash onto the effected area and allow 1-2 minutes to soften the bugs or bird bombs before gently wiping them away with no pressure using the cloth.  Making sure to turn the cloth regularly a clean side as to not scratch your paintwork.

What is the best way I can care for my vehicle now protected with CQuartz
  • Have your vehicle properly washed when it becomes dirty. Either by your approved detailer or yourself (Ask your detailer about training if unsure)
  • Remove bird bombs when you see them with Waterless Wash and a premium microfiber towel
  • Consider Iron X treatments if you live in an area with heavy iron fallout, such as near railway lines, industrial plants, etc….
  • Apply CarPro ReLoad occasionally to maintain show car conditions
Will the sun have any effect on my vehicle after it is released to me?

Driving or parking in the sun has only positive effects on your coating helping it to fully cure even faster from the UV rays

Water repellency has faded over some time. Is something wrong?

Over time contaminants can build and affect the coating. The good news is simple treatments of Iron X and Tar X will dissolve the contaminants and a spray on/wipe off CarPro Reload treatment will revitalize and return the upper hydrophobic layer to its former glory.

What is the proper way to wash my vehicle?

If you do not have your installer maintain your vehicle we recommend using the CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt and a microfiber drying towel.  Ask your installer for tips or training on how to safely and properly wash your vehicle

Should I use a drive through car wash?

Not if you care about your perfect finish! Drive through car washes have sharp, hard, dirty bristles that can severely swirl your paint.

Should I let the dealership wash it?

Never allow a car dealership to wash your vehicle.  They do not understand how to, nor do they have the time or equipment to do so without introducing swirls into your perfect finish.

Can I clay my car?

No, you should not clay your vehicle.  Now that it is coated, regular washing will remove contaminants easily and bonded contaminants will become rare.  In the case that bonded contaminants do collect, CarPro Iron X will easily dissolve them without hurting your coating.  Consult your Approved Installer if any doubt.

Can wax be applied over CQuartz?

Yes and No – Yes wax can be applied over your coated vehicle however this practice is not only pointless but also temporarily changes the behavior of dust, dirt, and water sheeting on the surface.  CQuartz is far superior to wax and will stay cleaner if traditional waxes and sealants are left off of it.

I enjoy waxing my car. Is there something else I can apply to Cquartz that is not an inferior product?

Yes, we highly recommend CarPro Reload.  Reload is an inorganic quartz sealant with SiO2 in a water based formula.  Reload adds slickness and gloss to your paint and can be utilized to maintain peak showroom shine and slickness.