C.Quartz Wheel Coating – New Wheel Prep

C.Quartz Wheel Protection

When purchasing a new set of wheels, we always think about the best way to protect them again hard water, staining or other contaminants that could, in the long term affect the finish.

This is why having your wheels ceramic coated adds long term protection and cleaning your wheels 10 times easier. Peace of mind for years to come.  To put it simpler, imagine a tough barrier that provides unmatched protection against traditional waxes or sealants.

We offer multiple versions of C.Quartz such as:

► C.Quartz DLUX
C.Quartz Professional
C.Quartz Finest Reserve
► C.Quartz Ti02

Starting from 249.99$

We provide the Ottawa-Gatineau region with some of the most discerning car detailing services available.

These coatings do not only apply to a new set of wheels only, we are able to bring back neglected wheels and apply C.Quartz coating once they are properly detailed. See below for examples of a complete wheel detail.