Elite Package

The best we have to offer. This package will transform your vehicle to a showroom finish. We literally touch every part of the vehicle to ensure it is looking better then when it came out of the factory. The pinnacle of detailing.

*No other cars are booked during the course of this detail*

We are able to effectively revive your paint with our years of experience, along with a plethora of detailing products at our disposal. From a showroom shine to a spectacular interior finish, this is why Waxed detailing services is chosen time after time.

Time required: 5 Days (Free visual inspection needed – We come to you)

Lamborghini detailing ottawa

Starting at 2499$

  • Hand wash with two bucket system (w/Grit guards to prevent swirls in paint)
  • Premium soap used
  • Exterior Plastics dressed to bring back dull & faded plastics/vinyl/doors
  • Door jambs detailed
  • Various brushes used in all intricate spaces
  • Dried using microfiber towels 600 g/m² (Prevents scratching)
  • Windows cleaned
  • Tar & Bug removal
  • Inside Gas Cap Detailed
  • Wheels, Wheel wells and tires cleaned
  • Gloss application to wheel wells (Fender undersides)
  • Vinyl protectant application (Brings a gloss to plastics & vinyl – Shine)
  • Exhaust Tips detailed & Polished
  • Headlights polished
  • Claybar vehicle (Removes surface contaminants)
  • Full Iron and Brake dust removal using our PH neutral product (Click here to see pictures)
  • Buffing of entire vehicle with our special Compound/Polish combo that effectively removes: Dullness, swirl marks, scratches & spider webs to bring out an amazing shine
  • 2-3 layers of Cquartz Finest Reserve applied to entire car & headlights+rear (2 years protection)
  • Discuss application of PPF (Paint Protection Film Ottawa)
  • Professional grade steam cleaner used for interior & carpets (Effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria)
  • We also blast steam throughout your all vents to kill any mold or bacteria
  • Interior & floor mats Vacuum
  • Use of a Tornador gun
  • Capet extractor w/ 220psi lift
  • Trunk Vacuum
  • Trash removal
  • Disinfect & detail dash, door panels, shifter, cup holders and surrouding areas
  • Leather cleaned & conditioned (Safely remove grime, dirt and oils. 3-Step)
  • Leather sealed with Cquartz Leather
  • Windows cleaned
  • Light headliner shampoo to remove stains
  • Vinyl protectant application (Brings plastics & vinyl to new condition)
  • Air Freshner application to entire vehicle
  • Surface, crack and crevice detail
  • Carpet & Floor mats shampoo
  • Remove salt stains (Winter)
  • Cloth Seats shampoo (If applicable)
  • Full Interior detail
  • Wheel detailed with various brushes and inside of whole rim
  • Lug nuts detailed with proper tool
  • Tires detailed with PH neutral degreaser
  • PH neutral product to effectively remove all iron/brake dust
  • Wheel wells brushed and gloss sealant applied to rubber guards
  • Tire dressing that last weeks
  • Gel degreaser that clings and removes nasty dirt &iron particles (PH neutral and safe on lambo wheels!)
  • Chrome/Stainless wheels receive polish treatment
  • Sealed with C.Quartz Finest Reserve ( 2-3 layers)
  • Polished to high gloss (Remove scratches or etches)
  • Coated with our 2 year nano glass sealant (Not to be confused with Rain-X)
  • All windows receive treatment
  • Engine degreaser that is PH neutral and safe
  • Fully detailed with several brushes
  • Steam Cleaned
  • Plastics and Matt parts receive semi-permanent gloss application


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*Some extra fees could be applied if the condition of the vehicle is extremely dirty