Exterior Detailing

We are setting new standards in the Ottawa & Gatineau auto detailing scene.  Be assured that our Exterior Detail package is extremely thorough.  Our products are imported from Canada and the U.S. Our system has been mapped to a perfect science so that your car will receive the same quality detail every time.

Time required : Around 1 Hour
car detailing ottawa

Starting at 30$

  • Hand wash with two bucket system (w/Grit guards to prevent swirls in paint)
  • Premium soap used
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Various brushes used in all intricate spaces
  • Inside Gas Cap detailed
  • Wheels, Wheel wells and tires cleaned
  • Gloss application to wheel wells (Fender undersides)
  • Vinyl protectant application (Brings a gloss to plastics & vinyl – Shine)
  • Exhaust Tips detailed
  • Dried using microfiber towels 600 g/m² (Prevents scratching)
  • Exterior windows cleaned (With 4 side windows)
  • A layer of our Carnauba Wax that can provide up to 6 months of protection (Machine application)
  • Wheel detailed (Face and inside)
  • Lug nuts detailed with proper tool
  • Tire dressing that last weeks (No slinging)
  • Gel degreaser that clings and removes nasty dirt & iron particles (PH neutral and safe on lambo wheels!)


► Claybar & Brake Dust Removal Starting at 80$
► Extensive Wheel detailing from 40$ (Wheels removed)

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We can customize any package to your needs. Just contact us

*Some extra fees could be applied if the condition of the vehicle is extremely dirty